Guillermo Suarez Fort Point Experience

Atop of Fort Point

Fort Point served a purpose well before the suspension bridge hovering above this marvelous brick and mortar former military facility. Started in 1853 and finished in 1861 it served as the principal strategic battery to protect the golden gate entrance from seafaring marauders of all sorts. Amazing that this brick structure survived the 1906 earthquake and all the subsequent elements that bombarded the city of San Francisco.

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Guillermo Suarez Airport in the Sky

Airport in the Sky

Catalina Island served as a backdrop for several movie sets during Hollywood’s golden movie era. Ferries would bring weekend vacationers to come dine, dance, and gamble at the beautiful Catalina ballroom. Aviators in droves came to test their skills in the short runway on top of the hill… and let me tell you it feels incredible landing on an island with such great company.

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Guillermo Suarez, The Eye

A week in London

From the commencement of my trip I had set forth few expectations for the city I had only read about in books. I wanted to experience the city like the numerous explorers that had traversed the waters around England without itineraries, and with few plans, knowing that a city like London would offer more than enough entertainment to last for a lifetime. London didn’t disappoint.

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